Monday, April 03, 2006

Satellite Radio Grows - Sirius Benefits

2006 has brought on a wave of new subscribers to Satellite Radio. It seems that satellite radio is now reaching not only front pages, thanks to Howard Stern, but also the dashboards of many automobiles.

After the first quarter of 2005 satellite radio had announced addition of 846,577 new subscribers. XM had 541,140 and Sirius had 305,437. With the first quarter of 2006 now complete, a comparison to last year is valid and warranted. The only glitch is that Sirius has not yet publicized their first quarter subscriber additions.

Sirius did announce that they had passed the 4,000,000 subscriber mark earlier this year. At the time that represented net subscriber addition of 683,440. This number already surpasses XM’s full quarter count, and Sirius had a minimum of an additional 2 weeks worth of subscribers to add to their tally.

SSG is projecting Sirius to finish the quarter with between 858,440 and 933,440 subscribers.

Using the low end of the SSG estimate, and the actual XM subscriber figure, the first quarter will have gained 1,426,440 net subscribers for satellite radio. This would represent sector growth of about 69% from last year.

Year over year growth for the sector of 69% is quite impressive, but is not the REAL story here.

The real story is which provider is benefiting from the growth in the sector. Using the assumptions listed above, the sector will have added 579,863 more subscribers this year than they did last year. Of that 579,863 subscribers, Sirius will have accounted for 552,140 of them. This means that Sirius has captured about 95% of the sector growth.

Satellite Radio is growing nicely. Sirius Satellite radio is the biggest benefactor in that growth.

The link to this write up is: http://tinyurl.com/k6nk7

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