Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sirius - Epcos - Toshiba ???

On March 29, 2006 Satellite Standard Group (SSG) reported the existence of a deal of some nature between Sirius Satellite Radio and Epcos (EPC). SSG was able to confirm the existence of a Non-Disclosure agreement between the two companies.

Further investigation has revealed the existence of a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" as well as a "Corporate Supply Agreement" and an "International Purchase Agreement" between Epcos and Toshiba.

A relationship between Toshiba and Sirius has been rumored. Speculation has arisen that Toshiba may be a new hardware partner for Sirius on the upcoming release of a handheld live portable receiver with MP3 capabilities.

To date the most successful Sirius Hardware has been distributed through Directed Electronics. SSG has been unable to find the existence of a supply deal between Epcos and Directed.

SSG did take the step in trying to see if there was a relationship between Epcos and Apple. That path was fruitful in the respect that there is mutual "Confidentiality Agreement" between Epcos and Apple .

At this point this is all pure speculation. What we know is that Sirius intends to be bringing a live wearable device to market by summer 2006. The hardware partner could be an existing partner such as Directed, or a new Partner such as Toshiba.

Non-Disclosure agreements are not new in this industry, and thus there could be no connection at all. Information on the new Sirius unit is very scarce. This write up indeed will indeed fuel the rumor mill. It should be clear that there has yet to be a concrete tie between Sirius and Toshiba.

The link for this write up http://tinyurl.com/k9lfb

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