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FLW Outdoors and Sirius

April 8, 2006

Sirius Satellite radio and FLW Outdoors announced a partnership late last month. For those that are not aware, FLW Outdoors is an organization that deals primarily with fishing and fishing tournaments.

As part of the deal, Sirius satellite radio became a sponsor of FLW events including the Wal-Mart tournaments. Such a sponsorship was well received for a few reasons:

1. Sirius has been trying to increase its exposure and thus market share at wal-Mart stores. A sponsorship such as this helps Sirius build their relationship with the worlds largest retailer.

2. FLW Outdoors has a very attentive and loyal base. Sirius, by identifying themselves with this base, is sure to win over new subscribers from the relationship. In fact, it appears as though Sirius is preparing to launch a talk show relating to the subject called FISHTALK.

3. FLW Outdoors has many sponsors. Sirius, by becoming involved in this endeavor, now has a natural “in” with those sponsors to advertise not only on the new Sirius show, but on other streams as well.

4. FLW is very, very good at promoting not only themselves, but their sponsors as well. Sirius is sure to benefit from this.

This week the FLW Tour had an event in Beaver Lake Arkansas. The Sirius team, headed by Chip Harrison, finished 85th, missed the cut, and finished outside the money by 9 ounces. At the midway point of the tour, Harrison currently sits in 70th with winnings of $36,000.

The next FLW Tour event is scheduled for Kentucky Lake on May 10, 2006

The link for this write up is http://tinyurl.com/mns3w

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