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Sirius Advertisers Get Creative

April 7, 2006

Satellite Standard Group (SSG) has noticed some interesting advertising on Sirius Satellite Radio. Satellite radio is a subscription service and therefore is not beholden to censorship issues that are seen with terrestrial radio. This has already been illustrated in the content offerings available on both Sirius and XM.

Satellite radio has now allowed advertisers to become more creative in finding ways to get their messages out to consumers. Sirius Satellite Radio has 100% commercial free music, but does advertise on other streams. XM has a few music streams programmed by Clear Channel Communications that carry commercials and their non-music content carry’s commercials as well.

This morning on Sirius’ Howard Stern Show, one advertisement was very humorous, and something you would not typically hear on terrestrial radio. GoldenPalace.com, an online casino, advertised about the fact that a recent purchase by Golden Palace of the now deceased Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia’s old toilet has turned up stolen. Rather than simply write off the loss of the porcelain trophy, Golden palace has turned it into an ad campaign. Golden Palace encourages listeners to visit their site to get the whole story.

Just as radio advertisers are transitioning from regionally targeted ads to a national platform for satellite radio, the creators of those ad campaigns are quickly realizing that their message does not have to be “watered down”, and their creative juices are beginning to flow.

At this point advertising on satellite radio is limited, and not the bothersome 17-20 minute stretches of commercials that have become fairly standard on terrestrial radio. Fewer commercials (or in the case of Sirius 100% commercial free music) is already a bonus. Better and entertaining commercials may give listeners something to chuckle about, while at the same time get the advertising company’s attention the attention they are seeking in the first place.

The link to this write up is: http://tinyurl.com/eduns

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