Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Setting The Stage For SatRad Merger: FCC Encouraged To Loosen Media Ownership Rules

Broadcasters, Newspapers Encourage FCC To Reform Media Ownership
December 6, 2006, www.fmqb.com

A collection of broadcasters and newspaper owners have sent a letter to the FCC, encouraging the Commission to loosen the much-debated media ownership rules. The letter is signed by all four major TV networks, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Clear Channel, Cox Enterprises, Bonneville, Hearst-Argyle, Tribune and many more.
In the letter, the coalition writes, "Technological and marketplace developments -- especially the growth of multi-channel programming distributors and the Internet -- have fundamentally altered the landscape in which the commission’s ownership rules were originally adopted. Consumers nationally and in local markets of all sizes now enjoy access to, and benefit from, a vast array of information, opinion, and entertainment from a wide range of diverse sources, including television and radio stations, nonbroadcast and multichannel outlets, print publications, and the virtually unlimited voices available on the Internet. As a result of this explosion of outlets and new technologies, television and radio broadcasters are experiencing unprecedented challenges in maintaining their audience shares and the advertising revenues essential to the survival of nonsubscription media. Indeed, the primary challenge facing local stations in today’s highly competitive environment is remaining economically viable and accordingly able to continue to serve their communities with free, over-the-air entertainment and informational programming -- including news, emergency information, and other local programming that their audiences need and expect."...read more: here

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