Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wall Street Journal: Why iPods Die (I Could Have Written This Article)

When iPods Die
Gripes Over Breakdowns GrowAs Players Become Ubiquitous;The Drop-Start Technique
By NICK WINGFIELDDecember 6, 2006; Page D1, The Wall Street Journal

This holiday season Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod is once again a top seller in stores and the music player's white earphones remain a nearly ubiquitous sight on city streets and at gyms. But as it reaches deeper into the mainstream, more users are becoming familiar with a new sense of loss: the death of an iPod.
Among users of the device, it's long been common to hear of iPods laid low by batteries that no longer hold a charge, malfunctioning hard disks and screens with cracks. In some cases, problems are caused by users who accidentally drop their iPods or otherwise subject them to abuse, but other users say their iPods go belly up even after normal use...read more: here

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