Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mazda Owners And Sirius

October 3, 2006

We received an e-mail from a reader regarding an issue he experienced when the latest channel update happened for Sirius last week. It appears that certain Mazda head units were unable to accept the update, and that these units do not operate correctly as a result. Some subscribers are now unable to get any Sirius signal.

We contacted Sirius to see if there is a resolution to this issue, and here are the results of our inquiry.

1. Some Mazda Cars with Clarion head units are impacted.

2. There are three companies involved, Mazda, Clarion, and Sirius.

3. These three companies are all actively working on a solution to restore service.

4. Consumers who are impacted by this unfortunate event should contact customer service at Sirius and request that a notation regarding this issue be put on their account.

5. Sirius assured us that they value subscribers, and are making efforts with Mazda and Clarion to rectify the situation.

We here at SSG can not speak for Sirius, but we would imagine that some steps will be taken to make things "right" for the subscribers. We would recommend that subscribers be courteous with the customer service representatives, and simply request that their account be noted. The customer service representatives are unlikely to have a time line on repair of the issue, and likely will not be able to answer many questions about the issue. We would also recommend that impacted subscribers send an e-mail to customer service about the issue, and once again, be courteous.

While this does not give all of the answers that people may be seeking, it does clarify that the issue is being addressed.

10/03/2006 02:07:00 PM

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