Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sirius and WIFI

October 3, 2006

Many already understand that the new Sirius Stiletto has WIFI. What few people understand are the implications of this to Sirius.

WIFI is great to have, but it is the platform in which it is delivered that people should become more familiar with.

Sirius' Stiletto is built on the Zing platform. WIFI enables the Stiletto to potentially be a "two way" device. Social networking and communication are the next waves coming down the road. Devices will utilize WIFI to communicate with other devices via visual messages, or even audio messages via a service such as Skype.

At this point there are to many people simply looking at WIFI as a means for receiving information, and those that look at it in this manner are only seeing the tip of the ice berg. The Stiletto and future devices can potentially become much more than they currently are, and that is what people need to bear in mind.

Whether or not Sirius decides to utilize any or all of these is yet to be seen, but here are some items that users may be able to look forward to:

1. Live wireless streaming music from Sirius as well as other music outlets.

2. The ability to have a social network in which you can share your playlists with others.

3. The ability to order music and/or video directly to your device without having to tether up to a computer.

4. The ability to surf the net as you would normally do from your home computer.

5. The ability to use VOIP and services such as Skype.

6. The ability to access appointments, contact lists, photos, etc.

7. The ability to route what is on the screen of your device to other devices such as a television.

The bottom line is that WIFI will now become an integral part of satellite radio. With devices such as Zune and some of the new Sony hardware hitting shelves soon, it is only a matter of time before WIFI becomes a standard feature on many satellite radio receivers.

So, when you hear someone talking down about the Stiletto and Sirius using WIFI, you need to understand that it is very likely that this person is not looking at THE BIG PICTURE.

10/03/2006 12:49:00 PM

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