Saturday, June 03, 2006

This is REALLY COOL! Listen to Sirius on your Smart Phone

June 3, 2006

New version of SiriuCE released - 1.14 -
Sirius radio player for Windows Mobile
June 03, 2006 [General]USA only!

It works both in MS Smartphone and Pocket PC and thanks to this little application you can listen to Sirius satellite radio also with your Windows Mobile phone! Since Sirius has made some changes to their Internet streaming recently, new version was necessary, and furthermore TCPMP support was added... Read on! Max Myers, who is author of this superb program for Sirius subscribers, writes: I updated SiriuCE to work with the changes made to Sirius's site at the beginning of June that broke the previous version of SiriuCE and most other clones that have sprung up since then. In addition, I added support for TCPMP, since as of .72RC1, it can decode the Sirius streams.

To learn more, or to download this program, click here.

Commentary: unlike Europe, that is fragmented into many countries, USA is not only united politically but also 2 big satellite broadcasting companies are offering satellite radio systems - over hundred channels each: XM Radio and Sirius. It is satellite radio, that, unlike in Europe, is receivable even in cars and doesn't require satellite dish antennas directed at one location. In other words: unlike FM radio a driver can drive several thousands miles form one coast of USA to the other and still listen to the same radio station - without the need to re-tune. Apart from using regular radio receivers, that receives signal from several satellites that are circling over territory of USA, subscribers to Sirius (both XM and Sirius are pay-per-hear systems) can listen to Sirius channels also over Internet.

The selection of channels is limited however (streaming only those channels that you get on the internet): it is all music channels (without advertisements!) and part, not all of talk channels. Martha Stewart and Jay Thomas can be listened to online, but unfortunately Howard Stern show that is now an air at Sirius, is not available over Internet yet, but it is expected to become available some time in future. Anyway: having ability to listen to Sirius with Windows Mobile device means that a program (like above mentioned SiriuCE) is taking user name and password of a Sirius subscriber, and is generating URL to the Internet stream with audio - URL that contains special token that authenticates the users. After valid URL of the stream has been determined (it requires communication with Sirius server) it is being passed on to the player (which is being launched automatically): while previously just the Windows Media Player (that is embedded in each Windows Mobile device) was used, now, in latest version, also TCPMP supports this format of audio streams. Since wireless carriers in USA offer flat rate mobile data plans - where user gets unlimited mobile Internet access, having Windows Mobile phone with SiriuCE program practically means that also in places where there is no satellite signal coverage (for example: indoors), or far away from Sirius radio receiver, still subscribers can listen to the Sirius! Please note: SiriuCE is a freeware, but we recommend to support the author by donation button (PayPal) located at web page of SiriuCE program!!!

Link: Here

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