Friday, June 02, 2006

Jacoby On Zing

June 2, 2006

Satellite Standard Group keeps you informed. It appears that Banc of America analyst Johnathan Jacoby simply can not resist taking a shot at Sirius whenever possible. Even while he states that his sentiment on Sirius has improved, he still gets his digs in.

Today Jacoby commented on the Sirius ZING deal, and his opinion had statements such as:

"From what is known about the new platform, Jacoby said the device's storage capacity will likely be comparable to Sirius competitor XM Satellite Radio (nasdaq: XMSR - news - people )'s "Inno" and "Helix" portable units, but the battery life and true satellite coverage will probably be worse."

Personally, i would be curious to know a few things.

1. Zing has not issued ANY statement relative to storage capacity. How is it that Jacoby is speaking to storage capacity? A Zing spokesperson stated to SSG that, "ZING also briefly flashed a next generation SIRIUS device during the conference, but no further details were provided as it was not a formal product announcement. Any SIRIUS product details will need to come from SIRIUS."

2. Jacoby is speaking about satellite coverage without having seen the unit, or likely understanding how any satellite radio live portable works. Satellite coverage is supplemented by ground repeaters. XM does have more repeaters in operation than Sirius, but the companies utilize differing orbital strategies. There are positive as well as drawbacks to the orbital selections of both Sirius and XM.

3. Jacoby also referenced battery life. Another aspect that appears to be a W.A.G. (wild assed guess) on his part. Rumors regarding battery life of the Sirius unit have circulated, but NOTHING has been confirmed by anyone. What is known is that each generation of chips has become more efficient than the last.

In our opinion, Jacoby is turning slightly in his attitude towards Sirius, but wants to avoid a total 180 degree flip-flop........Either that, or he just likes taking a contrairian view to nearly all other analysts when it comes to Sirius.

Having seen Jacoby's write -ups on Sirius over the past few years, I always take them with a SHAKER of SALT rather than a grain of salt.

6/02/2006 03:43:00 PM

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