Sunday, April 01, 2007

C3SR - Have They Sought Your Opinion?

April 1, 2007

Here is how C3SR describes themselves:

"To counter the potentially dim prospects facing subscribers of satellite radio under a monopoly provider, a group of concerned Sirius and XM subscribers have formed the Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio ("C3SR"). Through the participation and support of subscribers and volunteers, C3SR -the only consumer group in existence today solely dedicated to advocating on behalf of satellite radio subscribers- is committed to opposing the creation of a monopoly in satellite radio, and ensure continued consumer choice and competition."

This begs a few questions:

1. C3SR has had this same self description since their first day of operation. How is it that they can claim to advocate on behalf of consumers when they seem to have a preconceived agenda of fighting the merger?

2. C3SR offers nothing regarding their platform in what they see as the desires of the satellite radio consumer. Where is the data that suggests that consumers are against a merger?

3. How large is this "group of concerned Sirius and XM subscribers"? Can other people join? Do other people get to voice their opinions? Does C3SR use the voice of the people? How many consumers did C3SR get the opinion of prior to selecting the anti-merger platform?

4. If an organization was an advocate for satellite radio consumers, shouldn't they have contingency plans in place? What is the platform of C3SR if a merger is approved? Wouldn't it be wise to express the consumers desires to Sirius and XM prior to a merger decision being made?

5. Why were funds spent on the Criterion Economics report, authored by Sidak, instead of conducting a survey to find out the sentiments of subscribers?

6. If a survey were to be conducted that shows a majority of subscribers were to be in favor of the merger, would C3SR change policy to reflect that?

To be clear, I think representing consumer concerns is a noble task, so long as it is the consumer concerns that are being addressed. I have yet to see anything from C3SR to illustrate that they are indeed advocating on behalf of the consumer. What I have seen is that the National Association of Broadcasters supports C3SR. I have yet to see C3SR identify how strong their membership is, and how many consumers have joined the group.

If you have been surveyed for your opinion by C3SR please comment to this article


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  • I subscribe to SIRIUS and my son subscribes to XM. I own stock in SIRIUS.

    No one has been authorized to speak on my behalf.

    I am for the merger.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 01, 2007 3:49 PM  

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