Friday, March 30, 2007

Sidak - 23,000 Hours of Content

March 30, 2007

More for the C3SR file.

In his Criterion Economics report Sidak states the following:

"In 2006, Sirius announced it's acquisition of the rights to 23,000 hours of Stern programming, which it intends to air unedited"

Mr. Sidak........Why did you neglect to tell where that programming was from? Why did you neglect to state that the VAST MAJORITY of that programming could air on terrestrial radio TODAY. The fact is that that 23,000 hours of programming represents the terrestrial radio days of Howard Stern. Do these facts not suit your stance?

Today some of that content was on the air, and there was nothing in that show that couldn't have been broadcast on terrestrial radio.

The facts are this. Terrestrial radio could not air the content without the consent of Stern. Stern was not going to allow that to happen, considering that he was being sued by CBS at the time. Sirius bought the rights to the content for $2,000,000. CBS could have stuck to their guns had they found the content so compelling. They did not, and sold their rights for $2,000,000.

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