Friday, March 30, 2007

C3SR Criterion Report - Opie and Anthony

March 30, 2007

Wow, the Criterion Economics report is a goldmine for debate. Sidak, the author of the report, seems to have holes in nearly every page.

we all know that there are two sides to every debate, and I am not professing that my viewpoint is the final solution. I am simply pointing out other factors that those reading the report should consider.

In yet another section of the report Sidak states:

"Broadcast radio has also faced sizable fines as recently as April 8, 2004, including a $495,000 NAL against Clear Channel Communications for an episode of the Howard stern Show, a $755,000 NAL against Clear Channel for a broadcast by radio host "Bubba The Love Sponge", and $357,000 in liability against Infinity Broadcasting for an episode of the Opie and Anthony Show. Notably, all of these controversial radio hosts are now offered on satellite radio"

SSG Comments:

Mr. Sidak........please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Opie and Anthony available of terrestrial radio????? I could swear that I have heard that duo on Boston radio station WBCN. In fact Mr. Sidak, you have offices in Cambridge Massachusetts, so perhaps you have heard them. They were on the air this morning in fact. I also have seen WBC Billboards featuring this duo on FM radio stations. HMMMMMM. You have an office in Washington if I am not mistaken......Seems they are on terrestrial radio there as well. In case you missed it Mr. Sidak, here is a list of terrestrial radio stations offering Opie and Anthony:

New York City: 92.3 FreeFM WFNY (online stream available)
Philadelphia: 94.1 FreeFM WYSP (online stream available)
Dallas: 105.3 FM KLLI (online stream available)
Boston: 104.1 FM WBCN
Pittsburgh: 93.7 FM WRKZ
Cleveland: 92.3 Fm WXRK (show airs from 3pm - 6pm)
West Palm Beach: 103.1 FM WPBZ
Detroit: 97.1 FreeFM WKRK (show airs from 6am - 9am)
Columbus: 107.1 FM WAZU (show airs from 3pm - 6pm)
Rochester: 94.1 FM WZNE (show airs from 2pm - 5pm)
Washington, DC: 106.7 FreeFM WJFK (show airs from 10am - 1pm)
Chicago, IL - 105.9 Free FM WCKG (online stream available)
San Francisco, CA - 106.9 Free FM KIFR (show airs from 10am - 1pm) (online stream available)
Providence, RI - WSKO 790 AM and 99.7 FM
New London, CT - WMOS 104.7 FM
Grand Rapids, MI - WKLQ 107.3 FM
Albuquerque, NM - KBZU 96.3 FM (show airs from 4pm - 7pm)
Portland, ME - WCYY 93.9FM & 94.3FM
Buffalo, NY - WEDG 103.3 FM
Baton Rouge, LA - KRDJ 93.7 FM
Tucson, AZ - 107.5 FM KHYT (online stream available)
Cape Cod, MA - 102.9 FM WPXC Pixy 103
Las Vegas, NV - 107.5 FM KXTE XTXREME ROCK RADIO (show airs from 10am - 1pm)
Flint, MI - 1330 AM WTRX Sports Xtra (show airs from 6am - 9am)
Syracuse, NY - 95.7 FM WAQX 95X (online stream available)

Wow, that is an impressive listing. So the question is this......Are Opie and Anthony indecent, and therefore excluded from terrestrial radio, or are they able to broadcast over the air in all of these markets? I know the answer.....The question is whether you know the answer.

Mr. Sidak, Please forgive my obvious sarcasm, but frankly I tend to get sarcastic when I am being fed a line of BS.

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