Thursday, March 29, 2007

C3SR and The NAB

March 29, 2007

The Consumer Coalition for Competition in satellite Radio, C3SR, is a consumer group that is lobbying against the Sirius and XM merger. They have taken a stance that the merger is bad rather than a stance, such as Public Knowledge that could use their influence to shape the merger into a company with the desired impacts for the consumer.

The NAB has lobbied against the merger from the start, and in our opinion has demonstrated a very shallow argument.

It appears that the NAB is the dollars behind C3SR.

The Criterion Economics study issued to the FCC and DOJ, and authored by J. Gregory Sidak has an interesting note:

"The Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio is a consumer group of Sirius and XM subscribers. It is supported by the National association of Broadcasters."

So, is C3SR doing the bidding of consumers, or the bidding of the National Association of Broadcasters?

What is C3SR's position on the consolidation in terrestrial radio that the NAB is seeking?

Sidak, as indicated in this report is regularly in the employ of the NAB. Why is it that the C3SR sponsored this report rather than the NAB?

Did the money that paid for this report come from the NAB?

How many members does C3SR have? To date, information on the C3SR site has been sparse, and there does not seem to be much in way of participation from individuals.

With the release of this report, there now seems to be more questions than answers surrounding the relationship between C3SR and the NAB

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