Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sirius Drops DJ's From 50's Channel

January 30, 2006

DJ's on music channels have fans as well as critics. More often than not, I enjoy a little interjection by a person with a quick anecdote or story between songs. To me DJ's help to tell a story and draw people deeper into the music.....but that is simply my opinion.

Columnist Frank Barnaco of Internet Daily is reporting that the removal; of DJ's is a cost cutting move to facilitate other non-music talent such as Jamie Foxx. Whether that is right or wrong is unknown, but likely the first channels a genres to suffer when it comes to cost cutting or making room for new talent are the least popular.

In the end the thing that holds true is that you can not please all of the people all of the time.

Article Excerpt:

The cost cutting continues at Sirius Satellite Radio, according to messages posted on a New York radio broadcasting Web forum. Sirius has eliminated live disc jockeys from its '50s channel and two other feeds, said a posting by Fred Richards. A consensus of comments was that Sirius has given up on listeners over the age of 50.

The Sirius Web site lists only one disc jockey on the '50s channel now, Norm N. Nite, who broadcasts weekend afternoons. A Canadian Web page for the channel list, but the US version has only Nite.

Richards said saving money by eliminating live talent on the channel was "making the grievous error of chasing people like me back to our FM sets."

"If this is how Sirius is managing the cost of doing business, they essentially become a satellite-based iPod/MP3 player," commented Phil Seely. "It's such a pitifully small drop in the change bucket (cutting disc jockey staff) that even bean counters must wonder 'why bother' when the dog (Sirius' mascot) continues to give away large bounties to non-radio talent like Jamie Foxx," who was just hired to help produce an urban comedy/entertainment channel......MORE HERE

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