Thursday, November 23, 2006

Inno Or Stiletto? Which Should You Buy On Black Friday?

Inno Is To Stiletto As Cell Phone Is To Smart Device

I have trialed both the Inno and Stiletto (compliments of www.tss-radio.com) and really like both devices. CNET and others have done detailed reviews (Inno and Stiletto) so I will direct you to these, and just highlight the following general distinctions:

In chosing, I believe that personal preference for content is the deciding factor. For music selection, both are neck-and-neck; the more significant distinction is sports, talk and news. Subscribers will generally make choices based on loyalty to content offerings, and accordingly, will make the best of each device's strengths and weaknesses.

In essence, do you prefer a smart device/PDA phone, or a compact cell phone? If you don't mind carrying a larger device with more features, than the Stiletto is for you. If you go for a compact experience, get the Inno. This technology is constantly evolving, and both XM and Sirius will continue to innovate.

Here are a few highlights...

Reception: I happen to live in and travel to areas where there is very good repeater coverage, so I got comparable reception on both devices. Since indoor reception is spotty with these portables, I find the Stiletto's Wi-Fi feature quite useful.

Display: the Stiletto wins hands down with it's colorful screen and detailed descriptions. The
larger display allows for more song information, presets and content accessibility.

Styling: the Inno is unobtrusive, the Stiletto is sleek.

Size: the Inno is smaller, however, if you measure the devices side by side, it's the display and integrated antenna that account for most of the difference, so it's a trade-off, size vs. features.

Battery performance: With their standard batteries, both are about the same, 5-6 hours of live listening, and significantly more for recorded music. The Stiletto has an includes a 2nd (upgraded) battery, which does make a big difference if you don't mind the extra ounces.

Recording Capacity: The Stiletto is about double, 2 GB, and can record up to 10 hrs of individual songs recorded from Sirius channels and 100 hours of other content. The Inno, 1 GB, is about 8 hrs of XM songs, and 50 hrs of content.

Compatibility: The Stiletto is compatible with Yahoo music subscription service, and although somewhat redundant, allows you to play thsubscriptionon content. The Inno is integrated with Napster, but you can't play that content.

Computer integration: The Stiletto comes with Sirius Studio software, which personalizes the experience of downloading content and creating playlists/categories

Price: At a suggested retail price of $349, the Stiletto is pricier than the Inno at $249, although prices are coming down for both. In my mind, the extra $100 for the Stiletto is in the Wi-Fi and the extra storage capacity.

Whichever you chose, you won't be disappointed...both devices provide an innovative way to listen to the great content that satellite radio has to offer.

11/23/2006 06:46:00 AM

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