Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hard Drives In Cars Could Drive Investment Opportunity

Readers of SSG have seen us write about the new MyGig system being deployed in some mid-level models of DCX vehicles. The system incorporates satellite radio with navigation as well as the ability to store music, video, playlists etc. For holders of satellite radio equities this sounds great, but people should also consider something else.

What some may miss in all of this is that it could mark the beginning of automobiles having hard drives on a more mainstream basis……and knowing this, an opportunity may exist.

Hard drives have been in computers for years, they have made their way into television and video entertainment, as well as audio components, but to date, have not really penetrated the automobile market.

Should the practice of installing hard drives into cars for consumer use become widely accepted and implemented, there is now a vast NEW outlet for hard drive manufacturers to sell their wares. This is where an opportunity for savvy investors may exist.

The process may not happen overnight, but competition in the auto channel is fierce, and it will not be long before more and more manufacturers add components into cars that require a hard drive. The DCX implementation method, using mid-level cars, could very well accelerate the adoption of this type of offering.

The MyGig system is made by Harmin. To give you an idea of the scope, Harmin put up a new building to facilitate their deal with DCX. Harmin likely has more than one hard drive supplier, so investors will need to do some research. In the end, several hard drive manufacturers are sure to benefit from hard drive integration into automobiles, so looking for the best investment may be tricky, but the time to get involved…….if this is your type of investment strategy……. is now.

With consumers demanding and expecting more in the things they buy, it is no surprise that hard drives would make their way to the car. Perhaps the biggest surprise is how long it has taken. The shift to hard drive adoption in automobiles could happen very fast. As an investor, you may want to consider doing your research now, seeking out the best value in the hard drive sector for a potential return.

11/21/2006 10:12:00 AM

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