Friday, November 17, 2006

The Channel Checkers Comment On Christmas Recommendations

Sirius Leads in Recommendations to Consumers For Christmas
Content Like NFL and Stern Cited as Reasons
www.thechannelcheckers.com, Nov 17

We have completed our first survey on the satellite radio competitors. Sirius looks like the winner although we must note that we did include responses from Radio Shack, which only sells Sirius and not XM. Sirius was recommended by 60% of our respondents while XM was favored by 30%. 10% of respondents said either service was fine or the two services were equal.
Our survey questions were the following:
Which satellite radio service should I get - XM Satellite or Sirius Satellite?
Which service is selling better?Are there hot deals or discounts associated with either service?
After scrubbing the data it looks like the Radio Shack effect, did not drive a large discepenancy in our data because amazingly at 10% of the Radio Shack’s we called actually recommended XM!!! This despite the fact that they sell only Sirius service and receivers. These Radio shack employees must be personal users of XM outside their day to day duties of promoting Sirius...read more: HERE

11/17/2006 02:56:00 PM

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