Friday, November 17, 2006

Stiletto at 35,000 Feet

November 17, 2006

Hello from Salt Lake City

Yesterday I had the opportunity to utilize the Sirius Stiletto for several hours. I was one of those unfortunate people on the East Coast today that wound up stuck in an airport for several hours, making my trip to Salt Lake City take much longer than anticipated due to storms.

My trip began at 8:00 A.M. Eastern Time, and was to have a small layover in Baltimore/Washington International (enough time to grab a sit down lunch). Well, things did not work as planned, and I also had dinner in the airport. During my stay in the airport I let time pass more quickly by using My Stiletto, and even took the time to share its capabilities with a few who had a question about what it was. The new terminal at Baltimore/Washington does not yet have WiFi, but I have already stored a nice little library, and did listen to some live content as well.

The real interesting discovery for me happened after I finally got on a plane bound for Salt Lake City. When the captain announced that we could turn on our electronic devices, I of course turned on the Stiletto. Without hesitation I immediately went into my library, and began listening stored songs…..Then it struck me…..why not try live satellite radio.

I switched the mode, and did not get a signal. Not wanting to give up, I plugged in the antenna headphones and set them in the seat next to the window while wearing the ear-buds. That did the trick!!! Live satellite radio while flying at 35,000 feet!!!

This was a pleasant surprise, and also very fortunate. I spent the next few hours building my music library from the live mode. Having this experience with the Stiletto was satisfying. My only disappointment was that I had shipped the Inno up to another SSG writer for another segment on the Inno vs. Stiletto write-ups. I would have liked to have done a test to see if the inno would get reception in a similar manner while in flight. Perhaps there is an SSG writer who has tried it. If so, drop an e-mail to me, and I will update this article.

Today’s trip took about 15 hours. Having the Stiletto was very nice. The additional thing that was nice was having the second battery as a back up. I did most of my listening on the slim battery, switching out to the extended battery for the last hour of the flight. Having the back-up battery let me rest easy though, and I had far more luck with my Stiletto than I did with my cell phone, which lost charge at about 5:00 P.M

11/17/2006 03:19:00 AM

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