Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 20, 2006

Every once in a while something happens that makes one take a step back and pause. I found that happening to me today.

My feelings had nothing to do with satellite radio, or any other equity for that matter. My feelings were centered on an SSG writer who suffered a loss. The loss was not unexpected, but even when people are prepared the shock and sadness is still very real.

Had it not been for SSG, I would have never had the honor to make acquaintance with this person. I would have never seen the unwavering dedication and love she had for her loved one. I would never have seen the strength, and never seen the commitment. I can truly say that I am a better person simply from seeing her shining example.

Her loss, recent events in my own life and the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving really made me step back and take pause today. It made me look at my own life and the many things that I am thankful for. It made me assess my goals, and compelled me to take the time to thank those around me for the things that they do.

After a lot of reflection I came to writing this piece. I want to channel my feelings, my goals, and my ambitions. I came to the conclusion that while losses are hard, and sadness can seem overwhelming, there is always something to be thankful for, and that life is too short to dwell on what could have been. Life demands that you take the reigns and move forward. Life demands that you shed your regrets and instead move forward with positive energy.

In the spirit of positive energy, and making changes that will have an impact I would respectfully request two things from SSG readers. The first is very simple, yet will bring a bit of joy to my fellow SSG writer. The second is for you, the reader, and it is my hope that you will find joy by honoring my requests:

1- Please take a few moments to send an e-mail to my colleague to express support in her loss as well as to thank her for her efforts with SSG. I would be tremendously proud and appreciative if the SSG readership could get 1,000 e-mails to her by Thanksgiving. Her e-mail is ssgfive@yahoo.com

2- Take a moment this week to personally give someone a heartfelt thank you, and let them know why they or what they did means so much to you. This positive reinforcement should make your day better as well as the person you thanked.

So, to my colleague, though we have never met face to face, I want to offer my condolences for your loss, but also want to THANK YOU for the shining light and quality of character you represent. My thoughts are with you.

11/21/2006 10:30:00 PM

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