Monday, October 09, 2006

SiCap Pulls Controversial Commerical Despite Extreme Spike In Sales

After a recent controversy over the first American radio commercial to contain mild profanity, SiCap Industries has pulled the controversial spot from Sirius Radio even though it caused an extreme spike in sales.
New York, NY (PRWEB) October 6, 2006 --

Although satellite radio is the holy grail of anti-censorship advocates, Sirius recently censored a commercial for "Sinus Buster," the world’s first (Capsaicin) hot pepper nasal spray.
We love Sirius. It’s been one of our best advertising venues, but we would have never crossed over if it wasn’t for Howard Stern and his stand for free speech. It’s not like we produced some stupid smutty commercial. We didn’t do this for shock value. We did this because it was a tasteful way to get the point across that Sinus Buster is the best sh** ever The commercial is voiced by JR Gach ("gash"), a long time terrestrial radio personality known for his outrageous honesty. Gach has been a spokesperson for Sinus Buster regionally on terrestrial radio for nearly two years, and nationally on Sirius for 8 months.In the commercial, Gach relates his true feelings about the product that’s near and dear to his heart. With his infamous hard hitting "live read" style, Gach pounds home the truth about a product he perceives as miraculous."First off, I’m a customer, and Wayne’s a friend. That’s how I discovered the product. In early 2005, I approached Wayne Perry about doing endorsement-style commercials in Albany. Once I started doing spots for Sinus Buster and listeners began trying it, I got a stream of calls and e-mails from listeners hailing this stuff as a miracle. Sinus Buster even became a topic on our show. It felt great to have fans thanking me for stopping their headaches and sinus problems," says Gach....read more: here

10/09/2006 10:05:00 PM

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