Friday, October 13, 2006

Arkansas Razorback fans want Satellite Radio Deal

October 13, 2006

College Football is a big deal in many parts of the country. Fans travel for miles to see games, and make it a point to access games via television or radio each week. These fans love satellite radio, because it allows them the access they desire. However, some schools have yet to make the upgrade to satellite radio. One such school is Arkansas. Below is an article from Scout.com

Article Excerpt:

Satellite Radio: When Will Arkansas Jump On


By Ryan Aber The Morning News/Razorback Central
Posted Oct 11, 2006

The University of Arkansas is one of only two SEC schools to not have a deal with satellite radio. When might they come on board?

Kathy Beaumont is one of the biggest Arkansas Razorbacks fans around.The former teacher and board member of the Alabama chapter of the Arkansas Alumni Association can’t always listen to the Razorbacks when she can’t make it to games.Driving back to her Birmingham home after watching the Razorbacks upset No. 2 Auburn on Saturday, Beaumont listened to parts of three games on Sirius satellite radio. Her dial bounced from the Florida-LSU game, to South Carolina-Kentucky to Tennessee-Georgia.“Living out of state, I am mad as a hornet that our games are not on Sirius,” Beaumont said. “I think it’s a disservice to the fans and I just think it’s ridiculous in this age of technology.“I understand where they’re coming from, but I think they’re being very short-sighted.”Every other Southeastern Conference school with the exception of Georgia already has a satellite radio deal in place, all with Sirius.

It might be awhile before Beaumont and other out-of-area Arkansas fans can listen to the Razorbacks on satellite radio. Several holdups have kept the Razorbacks off of the service, the biggest being how satellite radio would affect local affiliates. The Arkansas Razorback Sports Network controls the radio rights for UA athletics.“We have some radio affiliates on our network, including some of our bigger markets from a network standpoint, (that) have said, ‘If you go satellite radio, then we’re either out or we want our rights fee reduced,’” said Matt Shanklin, associate athletic director for marketing/licensing.

“The pieces don’t match up for Arkansas.”It might not be long, though, before the benefits outweigh that negative impact. “Terrestrial radio stations realize that these are the last days of them having......"

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