Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Initial Reaction: The Stiletto Is Amazing!

A bit about me...I am a techno-geek of the skeptical variety. I try basically every consumer electronic that hits the market. My dream job is Walt Mossberg’s, reviewing gadgets for The Wall Street Journal (if only I were a better writer!). I originally became involved with satellite radio several years ago when I began to feel personally violated by terrestrial radio, and angry that I was being held hostage by DJ's and advertisers. I absolutely HATE commercial-loading, and the inconsistency of music played on terrestrial stations. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for jazz, sometimes salsa, sometimes classical, CNBC or disco, but I am NEVER in the mood for the mish-mosh of musical styles that terrestrial has become. Going forward, I also saw the potential of satellite technology, beyond enabling consumers to listen to music.

Now, about the Stiletto...if you crave a totally interactive experience with music (thus, access to popular culture with minimal effort), breaking news when you want (and need) it, and compelling talk radio (even if you missed the original show), the Stiletto is the device for you. I'm sure that the Stiletto is not perfect, but for me, it's getting pretty close. I am still fooling around with it, but so far, I really love what I see. Sirius definitely got this one right. It is totally intuitive to set up and use, the record feature totally rocks, and the inclusion of wi-fi is really smart, and separates it from the pack.

There have been concerns about reception, but so far, despite using it in my thick walled, bunker-like apartment in interference-riddled New York City, I have not experienced this problem. There have been complaints about the high price (which I'm sure will come down), but for me, it's well worth it! More to come as I continue to explore the features...

10/11/2006 11:39:00 PM

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