Friday, October 13, 2006

Satellite Radio TechWorld Identifies A Patent Application By Honda For Payment For Distribution Of Data Using XMSR

Honda Patent Application
On October 12, 2006, Honda disclosed a patent application for a payment system for the distribution of data using XM Satellite Radio and WiFi.
United States Patent Application
Kind Code
Habaguchi; Masayuki
October 12, 2006
Payment system and method for data broadcasted from a remote location to vehicles
The present invention is directed to a payment system and method for chargeable data that is broadcasted from a remote location. The payment system and method includes a Web site, the remote location (or a broadcasting station), and an end receiver. The Web site is configured to allow for the payment of a limited purchase amount (LPA) and to create and/or provide an encryption code. The LPA specifies an amount of chargeable data that has been purchased. The encryption code specifies the LPA at the time of payment and an authorized receiver associated with the LPA. The end receiver receives and stores the chargeable data broadcasted from the remote location. The end receiver includes an input unit for inputting the encryption code into the end receiver, and it extracts the information specifying the LPA and the authorized receiver from the inputted encryption code. The end receiver then uses an amount of the chargeable data (e.g., a song) from its storage device within the LPA if the extracted information specifying the authorized receiver matches the end receiver. ...read more: here

10/13/2006 12:02:00 AM

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