Friday, September 01, 2006

WIFI Hot Spots

September 1, 2006

With the introduction of the Sirius Stiletto, WIFI will now become a common word in the satellite radio world. The Stiletto is the first satellite radio device to incorporate WIFI technology into a satellite radio receiver.

WIFI will enable reception of Sirius content anywhere you have access to WIFI. If tyou have a wireless network in your home, you can stream Sirius channels over your Stiletto. Sounds great so far, but it gets better. There are thousands of WIFI hot spots around the world.

SSG came across an interesting website that will give you locations of WIFI hotspots around the globe. The site is www.anchorfree.com.

Anchor Free is dedicated to identifying free WIFI hot spots and networking that information for their members. Registration is free, and there are some handy tools to show you how fast free WIFI is growing. Simply type in the city and state you are interested in and the site gives you a map, showing free hot spots. Not all hot spots are listed, but the list grows as site members notify Anchor Free. We typed in New York City and came up with 77 hot spots. Boston brought up 55, and Washington DC came in at 45 hot spots.

Many businesses see a huge benefit to offering WIFI. Most hotels advertise that they have WIFI access for their guests. Restaurants, gyms, and coffee houses are all jumping on the band wagon as well. As the WIFI network grows, so will the versatility of devices such as the Sirius Stiletto.

Anchor Free does not list all WIFI hot spots, but it does list a lot. It also gives the names, addresses, and maps to the hot spots in their system. The site is easy to use, and has some pretty cool features. SSG readers can go to www.anchorfree.com and try the tools on the site.

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