Thursday, August 31, 2006

RadioShack Expands Rollout Of HD Radio

RadioShack is rolling out distribution of HD radio. Although this may be perceived as a threat to Sirius, I think it will actually drive consumers to chose satellite radio. HD receivers are $299 starting price, while Sirius is $49.99. As for the quality of content...well, that goes without saying!

RadioShack Expanding Rollout Of HD Digital Radio Receivers
(Realtimetraders.com 08/31 07:45:20)

RadioShack Corp. (RSH) on Thursday revealed it would be expanding its rollout of HD digital radio receivers to include approximately 250 of the nearly 350 RadioShack stores open in the greater New York metropolitan area. The company noted that the HD digital radio technology would allow local radio broadcasters to transmit a high-quality digital signal which can be received using a special HD digital radio receiver. The receiver is expected to offer crystal-clear, static-free reception and subscription-free local programming. The company is currently offering customers the desktop Boston Acoustics Recepter HD digital radio in stores and online for $299.99, with plans to offer additional models in the future.

8/31/2006 08:19:00 AM

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