Friday, September 01, 2006

The Stern Impact

September 1, 2006

The impact of Howard Stern on Sirius has been quite large. We here at SSG have published articles called The Stern Effect and The Stern Effect Phase Two regarding the subject.

The Stern Effect was a term first used prior to the arrival of the King of All Media to Sirius satellite Radio. The Stern Effect was a measure of how big of an effect he would have on Sirius.

Now it is time to look at The Stern impact.

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  • Starting last September, NPD began reporting a bigger NPD share for Sirius than rival XM. Sirius has now maintained a higher NPD share for 11 straight months, and the trend does not appear to be letting up any time soon.

    On August 29th the NPD share for July 2006 was reported. Sirius came in with a 58% share for the month. Sirius has the same 58% share for the year to date.

    Now, there are those that seem to feel that the Stern Effect is wearing off. Not true. Of course, there was a large influx of fans in December and January. This was when Stern was launching, and it is only natural that the biggest pool of new subscribers would coincide with the launch of his show.

    Looking for an impressive statistic? In July of 2005 Sirius had an NPD sharee of 40%. Fast forward 1 year and Sirius is now at 58%. Want a more impressive statistic? In the 11 consecutive months that Sirius has been the top dog with NPD they have a 60% share!

    It no longer an effect.......It is an IMPACT.

    Still not impressed? Look at recent events. On August 31st the shock jocks at rival XM Satellite Radio had an appearance on the David Letterman Show. We haven't done a count, but it seemed that Howard Sterns name was mentioned as much as, if not more than XM during the appearance. That is an IMPACT!

    Still looking for more? This Labor Day weekend the tapes of Howard Sterns OLD SHOWS debuted on Sirius with fanfare. This content, now uncensored, will become a staple in the Howard Stern line-up.....All 23,000 hours of it, and the fans LOVE it. These old shows have taken on the name of "The Tapes". If someone mentions "The Tapes", it is instantly recognized as the classic Stern shows from terrestrial days. That is an IMPACT!

    The Stern Impact is huge. People tend to measure it in subscribers, but those that stop there are missing the bigger picture. The Stern Impact is also about advertising dollars, which are growing at a clip as impressive as the subscriber numbers. That is an IMPACT!

    The Stern Impact is about a brand recognition for Sirius that has outpaced the competition, and continues to grow. That is an IMPACT!

    Stern is a CATEGORY CREATOR, and as long as he broadcasts, others will simply be in his shadow. That is an IMPACT!

    The Stern IMPACT is here......and it is staying.
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