Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sirius Zing Spotted On Satellite Radio Superstore Website

Zing Sirus Wi-Fi bluetooth MP3 Player Satellite Radio Wearable Receiver
Part Number: sirius zing wifi
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Zing Sirius Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player with bluetooth techonology is the future of portable MP3 Sirius Satellite radio receivers. The available prototype (shown above) has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios built in. They are used to download music and upload data about what you are listening to. This technology enables you see what your friends are listening to and play samples of those tracks, or simply buy albums directly from the player. If you are not in range for a Wi-Fi access point, the device will queue up and batch-process them when a connection is available.
You can load music from your computer and flag songs where you may want the entire album. This player will will stream Sirius radio content via Wi-Fi (not satellite connection) with the same capabilities when listening to tracks.
It also comes with all the the hardware a voice communication platform needs, such as a built-in speaker and microphone along with Wi-Fi radio. The software enables you to talk with friends in walkie-talkie form, over the Wi-Fi network.
The Zing players are expected to ship this year. As soon as we find out more we will update this page immediately. Another option is to join our free newsletter mailing list. Through the newsletter, you will receive an expected inventory update as soon as we find out more, as well as a coupond discount code. Thank you for your patience. LINK

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