Friday, August 25, 2006

Ray Marine Unit With Sirius Reviewed

August 25, 2006

CNN Money recently reviewed the new Ray marine unit that has a "boatload" of features including Sirius Satellite Radio.

Article Excerpts:

The Business Life

Smooth sailing over troubled waters
Rain or shine: One company is revolutionizing the way captains navigate through rough weather.

By Jessica Seid, CNNMoney.com staff writer
August 25 2006: 3:27 PM EDT
NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) --

When I was given the assignment to check out Raymarine's latest technology on a yacht in New York harbor, I knew I had done something right.
In its latest move, Raymarine, a maker of marine electronics, has teamed up with SIRIUS Satellite Radio to provide detailed weather forecast information to its navigation displays.

That means that for about $1,000, boaters can check out the weather, track storms, and monitor sea surface temperature, wind, surface pressure, wave heights and lightning from the captain's chair.

The Marine Weather Service covers the U.S., most of Canada, Mexico and waters extending hundreds of miles into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, but it does require a monthly subscription to receive forecasts onboard, which starts at $29.95 a month.
Of course, that's also on top of $4,600 for Raymarine's E Series navigation system with a 12-in. display - not including the cost of individual sensors or installation.

But there's a lot more bang for the buck.
Boaters can check the weather in a full screen or split screen alongside Raymarine's other features like radar, sonar, electronic charts or global positioning satellite imagery, which provides a picture of the streets, parks and closest happy hour spot near where you plan to dock...."

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