Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SSG With Chip Harrison - Sirius Angler

May 9, 2006

Satellite Standard Group is pleased to bring you our continued series of interviews with Chip Harrison, the Sirius Satellite Radio angler. We caught up with Chip this afternoon, and went over the FLW Series event at Lake Cumberland, as well as the FLW Tour event coming up at Kentucky Lake.

SSG - Things are kind of busy. You just wrapped up an FLW Series event, and are going straight to an FLW Tour event. How busy has it been?

C.H. - It has been a long month so far. I just wrapped up my 13th straight day of fishing, and the Kentucky Lake tournament starts tomorrow.

SSG - Looking back on the FLW Series event at Lake Cumberland, there was some fog at the event, how did it effect you?

C.H. - The fog shortens the day. Basically you have less time on the lake to try to fish. They don't extend the day, so you have to get busy as soon as the event resumes.

SSG - Once you got under way, how did things go?

C.H. - I got my two keepers for the day pretty much right away. The rest of the day was trying to find the fish, and get them reeled in. I lost a fish on day one that would have been a keeper.

SSG - Did you lose many fish in this event?

C.H. - I lost the one on the first day, 1 on the second day, and 3 on the third day. It comes down to execution.

SSG - Smallmouth Bass seemed to play an important role in this event. Were you going after them?

C.H. - I reeled in one smallmouth on day three. I was going after whatever was biting. Most catches were large mouth and spotted. There were some nice sized smallmouths weighed in at Cumberland. The event had a lot of moving around to find the fish. I probably logged over 100 miles per day in the event.

SSG - You have your next event starting tomorrow at lake Kentucky, and it looks like there may be a little rain. How will that impact you?

C.H. - Well, the water is high, and we have been out scouting things a bit. I will try both deep and shallow. Rain will not play a major role in the event. Right now, the real big fish don't seem to be biting as well as I'd like to see, but we are going for limit days.

SSG -Are you familiar with Kentucky Lake?

C.H. - I have fished it before. I have been practicing since the Cumberland event, so I feel ready. Last year I won a tournament here as well.

SSG - How are the overall standings looking at this point?

C.H. - Right now I sit in 70th out of 200 anglers. The top 48 go to the championship event in Alabama. I am 32 points off of being in the championship, so that has me within striking distance. I would like to ensure a top 50 finish at Kentucky Lake, and am shooting for a top 10 finish.

SSG - Chip, as always, thank you for your time. Good luck at Kentucky Lake, and we look forward to speaking with you again next week.

C.H. - Thank You, any time

5/09/2006 11:03:00 PM

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