Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Will Stern Straddle the Air Waves?

May 9, 2006

Today the New York Post wrote about an issue the was already covered last week. The thought of Stern going to terrestrial radio in a syndication deal. Last week Stern himself, on his show, stated quite clearly that he has no desire to be back under the constraints that terrestrial radio would place on him, and that he is quite happy with his deal at Sirius.

You can read about Sterns Comments in the Satellite Standard Group Column titled "Heard On Sirius". That story is HERE

The New York Post piece is as follows:


May 9, 2006 -- HOWARD Stern says he's been offered a "major deal" to come back to regular radio via satellite radio - just like his longtime enemies Opie & Anthony.

"The joke could be on them if I get good and worked up [because] I got offered a major deal to go back to terrestrial and stay on satellite at the same time," Stern told his Sirius listeners in comments replayed and mocked yesterday by "O&A."

"Can you imagine if I go across town against them in all those markets and just kick some a-? That would really be cool," said Stern, who now broadcasts to about a tenth of his former audience.

If an offer was actually made to Stern, it most likely came from Citadel Broadcasting, which is in the process of acquiring Disney/ABC's radio division - including New York's WABC, WPLJ and WEPN - and is headed by former Infinity/CBS exec Farid Suleman.

Once Suleman gets the keys to ABC's outlets, he could instantly return Stern to major FM stations in New York, L.A., Chicago and other huge cities, if Sirius, which is paying $500 million over five years for Stern's supposedly exclusive services, agrees to trade exclusivity for cash.
During a recent investor conference call, CEO Mel Karmazin said he's not entertaining reverse-licensing offers but added, "It doesn't mean that we couldn't in the future."

Neither Stern's agent or Suleman returned calls seeking comment.

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