Monday, April 10, 2006

SSG Exclusive Interview with Maryanne From Brooklyn

April 10, 2006

Satellite Standard Group (SSG) likes to deliver a mix of information that we hope you find informative and entertaining. We will make efforts to present interviews with people that are intersting to the world of satellite radio. Today SSG did a "lighter piece" with an exclusive interview with Maryanne From Brooklyn.

Maryanne From Brooklyn is a well known name to those that listen to the Howard Stern Show. The 47 year old mother and wife is a regular caller, and is a HUGE fan of all things Howard. SSG took a few minutes to speak with Maryanne, and even got some information that many out there may not be aware of.

SSG – Maryanne, many people have had a chance to hear you on the show, but may not know the real Maryanne. Who is the real Maryanne?

Maryanne – The Maryanne you hear on the Howard Stern show is exactly who I am. I am a mother of two kids (22 and 13), a wife and have a dog named Max who is 2. The Howard Stern Show is my entertainment that keeps my days and nights entertaining. I love being able to hear Howard all the time….and that On Demand Channel it’s awesome. It ties the whole show together….like it puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together. You get to see what people look like, their facial expressions and their reactions…..You gotta get it.

SSG - What does your family think about your role on the Howard Stern Show?

Maryanne – My family is very supportive of everything I do, and I am very supportive of my family. That is what it is all about. They know I love Howard and the show.

SSG – We understand that you have some entries in the Howard Stern film Festival. What are they?

Maryanne – I did four films but have only submitted three. I am thinking about walking the fourth one down there tomorrow. The first move is called Bananacide and is dedicated to Robin’s revelation about the fruits and vegetables. The second film is called Eric Eats and is about High Pitch Eric eating. The third is called Judge Maryanne and is me as a judge. You’ll have to see them. Oh, I also have a small part in another entry that was submitted by someone else, but you have to wait till the festival for it.

SSG – So you acted in the third film?

Maryanne – Yes, I acted in that one. I also acted in a film a couple of years ago, but it has not been released. They brought me into the film for my voice. The film is called Toy and Tina’s Wedding…..It’s was at the Tribeca film festival, but has not been picked up by anyone yet. Joey McIntyre and that girl from That 70’s show Mila Kunis are in it.

SSG – What do you think of Howard’s Show now that it moved to Sirius?

Maryanne – I love the show. I think people were nervous that it would be to overboard, but it is nothing like that. It has times where it is overboard and times where it is simply goofy stuff that anyone can laugh about. They can now talk “off the top of their heads” which I like. I mean really, how often are you going to get to hear Blue Iris riding the Sybian? The show is just awesome.

SSG – What is you favorite Stern moment?

Maryanne – That would be March 21st 2000 when I first met Howard. He couldn’t have been more nice. I went to the studio on a whim….that’s how I usually go there, on a whim….and they let me right in. It was great.

SSG – What do you like to do with your casual time?

Maryanne – I love the beach. I can go to the beach all of the time. I went to Hawaii once, and that was awesome. I would love to go back there again some day. Outside the show I like bicycling, gardening, and of course spending time with my family….thats what is most important….family.

SSG – What is your favorite music channel on Sirius?

Maryanne – I love the Elvis channel. It is awesome. I also have been listening to the Reggae Rhythms with Bob Marley’s music and stuff. I also listen to other stuff like Jay Thomas, but really my radio is almost always on Howard 100 or Howard 101.

SSG – What Sirius receiver do you have?

Maryanne – I have the Streamer Replay with boombox and love it. I listen to Sirius in the car and in the house. My husband hooked up the Sirius in my car.

SSG – What would you consider you biggest accomplishment?

Maryanne – I think that I am a caring and wonderful person with two great kids and a wonderful husband. My family is my greatest accomplishment.

SSG – Any other inside items you would be willing to share?

Maryanne – I will tell you something that no one really knows. I have a tattoo on my left ankle. It’s a puzzle piece.

SSG – What does the tattoo represent?

Maryanne – It’s that piece of the puzzle that never fits in but completes the picture. I am thinking about getting the Howard Fist tattoo, but I’m not sure yet.

SSG – Maryanne, thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Maryanne – Thank You. Talk to you again soon.

The link to this write up is http://tinyurl.com/lhm7p

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