Friday, April 27, 2007

Satellite Radio TechWorld On Sirius Backseat Video

Sirius Answers Questions on Backseat Video
via SatelliteRadioTechWorld, Apr 26

Today, Sirius fired back at the WCS Coalition who earlier questioned whether Sirius had the right to provide backseat video. The very last footnote says it all:From the start, Sirius kept the FCC fully informed, including a widely attended January 22, 2004 meeting with FCC staff (at the staff’s request) to discuss its plans and the authority for 3-4 channels of backseat video ancillary to satellite radio.In another tidbit of information, Sirius states that video will take less than 1/5 of its bandwidth. So, we can calculate that video will consume 2.5 MHz of the 12.5 MHz band, or 0.625 to 0.833 MHz per channel. Since it is broadcast on 3 carriers (two satellites and one repeater), the numbers have to be divided by 3, meaning that each channel per carrier will consume 208 to 278 KHz. If we understand the technology correctly, that should translate into video streaming somewhere on the order of 625 to 833 kbps per channel. That gives us an idea of the quality that we should expect...read more: here

4/27/2007 05:00:00 AM

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