Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Radiothon Continues

April 12, 2007

Don Imus is in the news. His recent comments on the air have started a firestorm of commentary from all sides. However, like him or hate him, it would be ashamed to see this firestorm take away from the annual radiothon Imus does on behalf of kids suffering from cancer.

Today radio hosts XM's and CBS's Opie and Anthony pointed out something that struck me on the commute.

MSNBC has pulled Imus from their televised simulcast in response to the pressure from sponsors because of outrage for the comments he made. While it is very true that Imus made the statements, it is also true that he is in the midst of a radiothon for a very worth while cause. Imus starts a suspension from CBS on Monday, but MSNBC pulled the plug today.

The shame in all of this is that while what Imus said was offensive to many, he also does some worth while fundraising for kids with cancer.

Why create another victim in this fiasco? Why not simply allow the radiothon, raise as much money as possible for children who are in desperate need of finding a cure? Everyone knows what Imus said, and everyone knows that he is being suspended, and may well lose his career, for what he said.
At this point, it is not about Imus, racism, sexism, the first amendment, or anything else. It is about a fundraiser that benefit children with cancer.

Would it not be better for sponsors to express their outrage, but at least support some of the good that happens?

Might I suggest that MSNBC reconsider their stance, and think about a bigger picture, and at a minimum, allow viers access to the telephone numbers of the radiothon. Might I suggest that the funds that sponsors would have spent could go to great use by supporting the Tomorrow's Children's Fund, as well as some charities that help with minorities and women's groups? In my mind that would be a strong statement made by these sponsors.

Readers who are interested in participating in the Tomorrows Children's Fund can do so by going to their site HERE

Lets not compound a foolish statement made by an individual into the loss of opportunity.

Imus will pay dearly for this whole mess. Let's not make other pay the price as well.

4/12/2007 08:57:00 AM

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