Thursday, April 05, 2007

Audio Options For Mobile Phones: Major Growth Opportunity

Study: Cell Phone Audio A Growth Market
April 4, 2007, www.fmqb.com

Arbitron and research provider Telephia have released a new study on audio options for mobile phone users, finding that the market is a major growth opportunity. Among the findings of the study, six percent of mobile phone subscribers used one or more audio features in the last 30 days. Out of the different options, downloading songs over-the-air has the largest awareness, followed by subscription-based streaming radio and FM radio reception on cell phones.
Also, the majority of current mobile audio users believe that commercials "are a fair price to pay" for free content on their phones. Over 75 percent of those surveyed who download content to their phones and listen to FM radio agreed they would be open to commercials.
The study also found that 63 percent of mobile audio users are male, with persons 25-44 making up 71 percent of current mobile audio users. The most common music format for mobile audio users is Pop.
However, the study notes that bringing in new customers currently could be a challenge, as two-thirds of "non-current" mobile audio users are uninterested in any audio options for their phones....read more: here

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