Monday, March 26, 2007

WSJ: What's New In Wireless: More Competition For Satellite Radio

Defining the competitive landscape: The Wall Street Journal comments on wireless delivery of content

What's New in Wireless: A look at mobile devices and services you can expect in the next year – and beyond
By AMOL SHARMAMarch 26, 2007; Page R1, The Wall Street Journal

Remember when cellphones were just for calling?
Over the past few years, cellphones have evolved from simple communication devices into multimedia powerhouses. First came cameras, then Web surfing, then music players. Now, get ready for a host of new features.
In the next two to three years, consumers will be able to get TV broadcasts on their cellphones with better picture quality than current video offerings -- and a greater range of live programming from major networks like NBC, FOX, ABC and Comedy Central.
Businesses are finding2 all sorts of new uses for mobile devices. Plus, technology companies dream of One Device3 that can do it all. Now, if only we consumers would get on board.• See the complete Technology report4.
Users will also get sophisticated software applications for surfing the mobile Web, and more services to connect with friends, share videos and exchange photos. And they'll likely see mobile devices that can roam seamlessly across Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular networks and new high-speed data networks, bringing a much faster and smoother surfing experience.
And that's just the beginning. In the longer term, advances in battery, display and storage technology could make it possible to squeeze ever more functions onto smaller handsets. And cellphones could extend even further beyond the realm of communications, to be used as credit cards to pay for groceries and airline tickets, ID cards to swipe at security checkpoints and data-storage devices...read more: here

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