Monday, March 26, 2007

New York Times: HD Is Competition For Satellite Radio

Sirius + XM, here's another press clipping for your merger files...

Local Radio Is Cutting the Static and Going Digital, Finally
By JOHN R. QUAIN, Mar 25, The New York Times

AS drivers pick their way down the West Side Highway of Manhattan, the noise is often more annoying than the traffic — and it’s not just the honking.
What’s so irksome is the static from the car’s sound system, a result of congestion in the radio frequency spectrum in an area packed with AM and FM stations. But that analog annoyance may fade away as radio broadcasters, carmakers and consumer electronics companies make the transition to digital radio.
While satellite radio customers have enjoyed the clean, crisp sound of digital reception, most people tuned to local stations are listening to analog broadcasts based on technology little changed in the last half-century. But more and more broadcasters are pushing a digital format called HD Radio, which rivals satellite radio quality and promises to eliminate the static.
Introduced three years ago, HD Radio is the brand name for a technology developed by the iBiquity Digital Corporation of Columbia, Md. (HD is not an abbreviation for high definition, as it is used by television broadcasters).
The HD system digitizes and compresses a station’s signal; the digital stream is then broadcast in the same frequency range used for the station’s analog AM and FM transmissions. The digital broadcast is sent alongside the analog signal, so you can listen to either analog or digital versions of the same content, and more important, there is no subscription charge. The HD signal also carries artist and title information that can be shown on the radio’s display panel....read more: here

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