Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What The NAB Would Like You to Believe

March 20, 2007

The NAB seems to have this idea about competition that requires technological advances that until now have only been found in Star trek.

According to the NAB,

"Satellite radio Competes with us locally, but we do not compete with them nationally"

Now, I travel a good deal of miles each year, but i have yet to find myself in Boston at the same moment I am in Seattle. I, and every other human being can only be in one place at one time. That means that I, and everyone else is in a local market 100% of our lives.

Simply stated Mr. Rehr........

I am in Boston. I could care less what is playing on radios in Detroit, Green Bay, Tampa bay, or Seattle. I am in a local market and I have a desire to hear the content I want to hear, be it a CD, a tape, an I-Pod, AM radio, FM radio, Internet radio, content on my cell phone, or satellite radio. While I am in my "local market", I will tune into the service or device that offers the content I want. Plain and simple.

Further, if I leave the Boston market, and go to Tampa, am I getting "local content" that means anything to me? Or am i getting someone else's version of local content in Tampa, that does not impact me? Could you please develop a method by which I can be in Tampa and receive "local content" of Boston??????

Whats that you say.......I can catch my Boston stations on the internet!!!!! Well my oh my!!!! You mean to tell me that I can really be in Tampa and get "Local content" from Boston???? Are you sure, because I could swear that I heard you and a few others state before congressmen and senators that you don't compete on a national level.

Let me check this out:

- Wow, WBCN -104.1 FM - streaming on line!!!! complete with Opie and Anthony. Funny, I think I have heard those guys in other markets. Come to think of it, there is a guy name Imus and a guy named Limbaugh that I seem to pick up in many markets. HMMMMM.

- WEEI 850 AM and 103.7FM - wow, they stream on the net as well. Certainly this is not my imagination. Do you mean to tell me Mr. Rehr that I can get Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics talk anywhere I am?????? Impressive.

- WBNW 1120 AM - Business radio Boston style.....and i can get it anywhere in the country.....even globally!!!!!

- WBOS 92.9 FM - Certainly the list of "local content" providers streaming content over the web must be short. Otherwise you would have never insinuated that you do not compete on a national scale. There can't be more that are doing this can there?

- WBUR 90.9 FM - Boston University Radio. Wow, even parents who send their pride and joy to Boston from Indiana can keep up with Boston happenings.

- WBZ 1030 AM - A Boston staple.....and I can get it on the net. Check it out, there is a story on the website about George Bush. Is he in Boston.....Nope......just WBZ covering a national story and putting it front and center on their web page. Well, at least I can get my "Traffic on The Three's" report while I am in Dallas Texas.

Mr. Rehr......need I go on? There are many more examples in Boston alone that I could cite. Need I go into other markets and demonstrate that the NAB membership is indeed broadcasting on a national basis?

Mr. Rher.....Do you think that the Congressmen, Senators, the Department of Justice, the FCC, and most importantly the American citizens are stupid? Do you think that none of these people will point out that terrestrial radio is more than just local radio? Do you think that the song "'More Than A Feeling" by Boston differs depending on where someone is? The band is named Boston, but I can assure you that their music was listened to everywhere.

You expect us to believe your rhetoric???????

Why don't you get back to us after the next Payola scandal.

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  • Very, very well put! Thanks for your continued support and information...much appreciated!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 21, 2007 8:45 AM  

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