Monday, March 19, 2007

NRG Media

March 19, 2007

Tomorrow there will be a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One of the witnesses scheduled to tesify is Mary Quass, President and CEO of NRG Media.

Interestingly, NRG media claims to specialize in the acquisition of radio stations in the midwest:

Great Local Radio...it is what we do...it is who we are.

NRG Media is dedicated to providing the communities we serve with information and entertainment that is relevant to their lives. We are a fast growing radio company that specializes in acquiring stations in the Midwest.

As the media choices become more diverse, NRG Media will be the source for Great Local Radio.

NRG was also the birth of a merger:

NRG Media is dedicated to providing Great Local Radio and is committed to being an active and integral part of the communities in which it serves. NRG Media consists of 84 radio stations throughout 7 states in the Midwest and the Waitt Radio Network, based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

NRG Media was founded on March 1, 2005, as a result of a merger of NewRadio Group, LLC and the radio assets of Waitt Media. The two companies merged to form NRG Media, an 87-station radio group, operating in seven Midwestern states, the Waitt Farm Network, and Waitt Radio Network. Based on the number of radio stations, at its inception, NRG Media became the seventh largest radio network in the country. The company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and led by President/CEO Mary Quass.

The company boasts to be the seventh largest radio network in the country. One wonders whether the "local" card will be played in the testimony.

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