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Streaming Sirius On Your Cell Phone

Siriusly Streaming on the 8525 and Traveling with Maps
Tutorials, by Cecilia on 2007/2/27 1:30:00 (93), www.gadgetnutz.com

One of the most interesting and exciting developments of cell phones is being able to stream content. And especially exciting for me is streaming Sirius radio. Sure having a Sirius radio is great and they make various models that can be taken between car and home (and the Stiletto has WiFi as well as satellite grabbing abilities), but flexibility is always a good thing. Being able to listen in with one's cell is convenient.
There's a free program for phones like the 8525 to grab a Sirius Stream. Get the Current Release of SiriusWM5 at geekstoolbox. You must join the forum to get the cab file. Just copy the cab file to your storage card and once there click on it to install. Once installed in the phone's memory - don't install on the storage card - just start it up. The Sirius Dog icon will be in your Programs listing. Access the settings from the menu and write in your login name and password. Save the settings and try connecting. You will be shown a "captcha" image which requires you to input the text and numbers you see there. You have to do this everytime you connect. Yes, it's very annoying, but this is the way Sirius is handling their security at the moment. Of course this means that if I have to reconnect repeatedly I get really impatient. Click the thumbnail on the left (Sirius Dog) to see a gif anim of the various screens you can see after the program has started. One of those screens shows TCPMP, which I have set up SiriusWM5 to automatically begin when I want to start streaming. So why am I using that instead of Windows Media?...read more: here

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