Monday, February 26, 2007

Orbitcast: XM/Sirius Merger Is Different Than EchoStar/DirecTV

XM/Sirius merger is not like EchoStar/DirecTV - and here's why
via www.orbitcast.com, Feb 26

As I'm reading coverage on the XM/Sirius merger, there's a common point of reference being brought up when the media looks to find prior parallels, and that obviously is the EchoStar/DirecTV deal.Understandably because the two seem very similar (I used it myself in the past). Echostar/DirecTV is afterall probably the only precedent to work with. Both involve two companies, broadcasting via satellite, and the only difference is that one does video, while the other does audio. Sounds simple right?Except that in 2002, the definition of the "relevant market" involved only satellite and cable (also known as the MVPD or "Multichannel Video Programming Distribution" market). Even "free" television is delivered through satellite or cable because receiving television via the ol' rabbit-ears just isn't a viable alternative (so much so that in 2008 the FCC is selling off the VHF side of the spectrum)...read more: here

2/26/2007 10:44:00 PM

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