Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeking Alpha: The Importance Of "The Howard"

Life Without Howard? Not For Sirius
Posted on Feb 14th, 2007 with stocks: SIRI

Roger Ehrenberg submits: Sirius (SIRI) has always been a complicated company with a complicated story. First of all, you've got the blue-sky opportunity of satellite radio, which has lured in many only to see them washed away in a sea of red ink and missed expectations.
Then you've got the deal with Howard Stern, a mythic figure with the cult status of Steve Jobs and whose importance to the well-being of the Company (and its stock price) is a topic of endless conversation. Next you've got Mel Karmazin, yet another big personality in a small company with an agenda all his own. And finally you've got the technical issues of getting good information on Sirius that is not simply a parroting of mainstream media - because Sirius is not only a star and it's not only the name of a key character in the Harry Potter series (Sirius Black), it is an element of a wide variety of other notable search terms. This is when powerful investment-oriented vertical search tools come in handy...read more: here

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