Monday, February 12, 2007

The Motley Fool On SIRI, XMSR & AAPL

Date Sirius, Marry Apple, Kill XM
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz, February 12, 2007, The Motley Fool

By now, you've probably come across the popular game in which three celebrities are named. That's where the fun starts. You must single one out for a one-night stand. Another will be one that you wouldn't mind marrying. The third? Unfortunately, you have to kill that one.
The game was a running gag in last week's episode of 30 Rock. It has also been an occasional feature on morning radio shows like Howard Stern's. Several websites also offer online version of the childish game. The language of the three choices -- particularly the fling option -- can get pretty saucy out there.
This is a family-friendly site, so I'm going with "date" for that category. This is also an investing site, so I'm replacing celebrities with stocks. In honor of Valentine's Day, I'll be exploring this game with three related companies every day of the week.
Let's get started.
Sirius, Apple, and XMI decided to kick things off by taking a closer look at three stocks that are reshaping the way we listen to music. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is revolutionizing digital media through its iPod. XM (Nasdaq: XMSR) and Sirius (Nasdaq: SIRI) are winning over terrestrial radio listeners with their satellite radio programming...read more: here

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