Monday, January 08, 2007

The New York Times: Stern's First Anniversary On Sirius

Stern Likes His New Censor: Himself
By JACQUES STEINBERG, The New York Times, Jan 9

Howard Stern, who today marks his first anniversary on satellite radio, wasted little time over that period before setting off on an expedition deep into the wild, forested territories of a medium patrolled by neither the Federal Communications Commission nor, apparently, his own employer.

Listeners who have paid $12.95 a month to hear him on Sirius Satellite Radio have been treated to uncensored aural experiences like a standing bit in which he persuades a porn star or centerfold model (typically naked, sometimes in tandem) to climb onto a vibrating, mechanical contraption known as the Sybian. He (and they) then provide play-by-play commentary on their apparently escalating enjoyment — all over the roar of a motor as loud as a leaf blower’s.

Fans who, upon hearing these and other scenes described to them, have been seized by a desire to see what’s going on can do so too, for an additional $9.99 to $13.99 a month via Mr. Stern’s on-demand television channel, which is available on many cable and satellite television systems...read more: here

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