Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bridge Ratings Studies Stern "Conversion" Rate

Howard Stern Listener Conversion Update
Pool of Potential Active Stern Listeners Shrinking
www.bridgeratings.com, Jan 10

For the first time since it began tracking interest in subscriptions to satellite radio by listeners of Howard Stern in the fall of 2004, Bridge Ratings & Research has accumulated enough on-going data to project the liklihood of Howard Stern's former terrestrial radio listeners to convert to Stern's show on satellite radio.
Through December of 2006, we projected that Stern was directly responsible for converting approximately 1.6 million of his listeners from traditional radio to subscribers to Sirius satelltie radio. This amounts to 32% of the satcaster's total subscriber growth from just prior to Stern's announced move to Sirius in October 2004 through 2006.
Based on Bridge Ratings estimates 57% of Stern's core (heavy) terrestrial radio listener base followed him to Sirius satellite radio. This is an extreme conversion rate among Stern's most loyal fans. His core audience composed approximately 20% of his total national terrestrial audience. Using a 2005 national terrestrial audience of 14 million, 2.8 million listeners represented this heavy listener base(minimum 2 hours per day listening) group. This heavy listener group provides Stern with his greatest potential for Stern channel growth. The untapped segment equals another 1.2 million listeners. While we believe it is unlikely that Stern will attract 100% of this former heavy listener base, it is very likely Sirius and Stern can attract an additional 600,000 of these fans based on three marketing scenarios that were presented to this potential audience during interview sessions in 2006...read more: HERE

1/10/2007 03:48:00 PM

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