Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wake-Up Call For SatRad

When is SatRad going to get it? Apple did, and today, they publicly announced their patent for an iPod cell phone. XMSR (Cingular and Alltel) and SIRI (Sprint) get lost in the plethora of music options offered by carriers. SatRad needs a solution that highlights, not hides their services.

Wake-Up Call for the iPod
Posted by Jessica Marmor, Nov. 30, The Wall Street Journal

Individually, cellphones and music players have been among the most favored Christmas gifts for years. For many holiday shoppers, this may be the season that they merge.
Wireless carriers are offering a huge array of gadgets that combine both functions, with a variety of shapes and sizes and growing music libraries. The new dual-function handsets are often low-priced, and sometimes free, with a two-year service contract.
Tim Woolsey, a home-schooled 10th-grade student in Katy, Texas, for example, renewed his contract with Cingular so he could get a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone at the reduced price of $100. He’s planning on transferring about 400 of his favorite songs to it from the iPod he got last Christmas. “I carry my phone with me wherever I go,” he says. “But I don’t always have my iPod with me.” ...read more: here

11/30/2006 01:30:00 PM

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