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October 3, 2006

We here at SSG strive to make this site as useful as possible. Many people e-mail in ideas for the site, and we take those suggestions seriously, and sincerely thank you all for the input. There are many things that we consider doing with the site, and over time, we have implemented several of them.

Keeping SSG up to speed with current events is a time consuming process. There are a few people that basically donate time and energy to this site, and it would not be what it is now without them. Asking them to add even further to their volunteered responsibilities would not be fair on my part.

What we are considering doing is taking SSG off of bloggers servers, and putting it onto our own rented server (we may even switch the posting software altogether). This will give the site more flexibility, an updated look, and enable us to take SSG to the next step. We are contemplating adding a premium tier to the site that would include:

1. User Forums and Bulletin Boards where users can post and interact.
2. Exclusive SSG premium articles, pod cast, commentary and analysis.
3. Exclusive SSG contests, promotions and discounts for SSG premium members.

The standard SSG site would remain free for readers, and would remain similar to what exists today. We feel strongly that we want to keep this portion of the site free, and feel that it delivers a service to many people. Some articles and more in depth analysis would become part of the SSG premium site.

We would also like to add another writer to the site. We feel that this would give our readers another aspect of opinion on the site, and would make SSG an even more valuable spot to obtain satellite radio information.

Right now we are considering these changes and upgrades, but want to get your input as to whether this step is viable at this time. If the premium tier were to cost $2.50 per month ($20 for a discounted annual membership) and were to include what is mentioned above, as well as a $5.00 gift certificate relating to satellite radio, would you participate?

If SSG were to, for a fee of $2.50 per month, offer a premium tier with formus, exclusive reports, analysis, promos, etc. would you subscribe?
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We have a survey box in blue above, or in the left side bar, where you can give your answer, or you can simply drop an e-mail to satellitestandard@gmail.com to let us know what you think. We would love your input and opinions.

Thank You


10/04/2006 02:08:00 PM

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