Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Subscribers - By The Numbers

October 4, 2006

Both Sirius and XM reported third quarter subscriber numbers today. Sirius posted 441,000 and XM posted 285,000.

Some interesting numbers to consider:

1. XM now has a subscriber lead of 2,065,000 subscribers.

2. This is down from their peak lead 1 year ago. ASt that time XM had a subscriber lead of 2,860,000 subscribers. XM's lead has decreased 28% in the last year.

3. The overall market share is 58% XM and 42% Sirius. 1 year ago it was 70% XM and 30% Sirius.

4. For the quarter Sirius had 61% share as compared to 39% for XM. Q3 of a year ago 63% XM and 37% Sirius. This represents almost a complete flip year over year.

5. So far this year XM has added 1, 251,902 subscribers. Through the third quarter last year XM had added 1,805,558.

6. So far this year Sirius has added 1,802,928 subscribers. Through the thrid quarter last year Sirius had added 1,030,662 subscribers.

10/04/2006 12:04:00 PM

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