Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Motley Fool Comments on Q3 Subscriber Numbers

Sirius Inches Closer to XM
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMFBreakerRick) 10/04/2006

For the fourth consecutive quarter, Sirius(Nasdaq: SIRI) finds itself closing the gap with market share leader XM Satellite Radio(Nasdaq: XMSR). Heading into the seasonally spiked holiday quarter, Sirius was no slouch in generating 441,000 subscribers for the September quarter. It now has 5.1 million members. XM managed to sign up only 285,000 net new accounts, closing out the period with 7.2 million subscribers.
It may seem awfully convenient for Sirius to issue its press release only 23 minutes after XM did, but you have to hand it to Sirius here. XM may have more subscribers, but Sirius has been the real market leader lately.
The brand-new quarter should stretch Sirius' streak to five. The company is looking to land 1.2 million new listeners over the holidays. If XM sticks to its guidance, it will land between 500,000 to one million net new subscribers over the same three months.
Here is where XM bears watching. It's not too often that the larger company commands the smaller market cap, but XM is clearly the underdog, while Sirius is the one with all the momentum. That may change now that Oprah has taken over channel 156 on the XM dial, as the Oprah & Friends content blocks look to justify XM's $55 million investment in a three-year deal...read more: here

10/04/2006 11:26:00 AM

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