Friday, September 15, 2006

The Who Gears Up For Tour (And Launch Of Sirius Channel)

The Who’s Youth Is Lost, but Not the Power Chords
By JON PARELES, The New York Times, Sept 15, 2006, Music Review

YOUNG rockers don’t know any better than to write brash anthems like the songs that gave the Who its place in rock history. Aging rockers have to deal with disillusionment, ambivalence, waning energy and nostalgia. At the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on Wednesday night, starting a string of local concerts, the Who grappled with both its past and its present. It will never be the band it was in the 1960’s and 70’s, when every power chord delivered by Pete Townshend’s windmilling arm sounded like an insurrection, and when Roger Daltrey was a cocky, pugnacious rock archetype. But it can still pack a kick.
On the Who’s umpteenth tour since its farewell concerts in 1982, the band has something new: songs from its first full album of new material in 24 years, set for release on Oct. 31. Once again, Mr. Townshend, 61, is writing songs for Mr. Daltrey, 62, to sing, reclaiming both hard-rock muscle and introspection to reveal what’s on his mind now: memories, the state of the world, metaphysics. Onstage, Mr. Townshend was almost apologetic about including new songs amid the oldies. The new songs are decidedly mixed, but they’ve freed the Who from its routines...READ MORE: HERE

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